创始人李希米为中国美术学院工业设计学士、米兰理工大学家具设计硕士,中国美术学院特聘设计导师;曾先后跟随意大利设计大师 ANDREA BRANZI 和 LUCA TRAZZI 工作。在意大利与中国,两种不同的审美体系与背景经历,令他开始着眼于寻求文化的通感。2016年、2017年相继成立家具设计品牌URBANCRAFT与设计工作室Ximi Li Design,李希米希望从中国设计师的身份出发,观察全球的文化元素、思考其背后的历史根源,并以严谨又不失趣味的设计语言进行传达。

Ximi Li Design is a Shanghai-based studio established in 2017. The studio is active in several fields ranging from furniture design, interior design, and creative direction. We have been collaborating with renowned brands like LEMA, Kvadrat, HC28 COSMO, COMO. 

Ximi Li holds a Master of Furniture Design from Milan Politecnico and a Bachelor of Industrial Design from China Academy of Art. Since 2021, Ximi lectures creative design course at China Academy of Art. Before establishing Ximi Li Design, Ximi worked for renowned designers Andrea Branzi and Luca Trazzi in Italy. Having the experience of being infused in different aesthetic systems in both China and Italy, Ximi was drawn to explore the synesthesia of cultures. With the establishment of designer brand URBANCRAFT and interdisciplinary studio Ximi Li Design in 2016 and 2017 respectively, Ximi seeks to explore the cultural elements of the world and reflect on their historical roots from the viewpoint of a Chinese designer, and further convey them in rigorous and creative design languages.