REDesign / 2018


LI Hallway System is a multi-functional object that serves its owner at hallway throughout other areas of the home. LI means standing in Chinese. Red wood builds up the main body of the system with clear lines, and brass elegantly blends independent elements into the standing structure. Brass creates the impression of contemporary lifestyle, and red wood brings a sense of timelessness. Elegant and practical, the system is a great combination of the old and new.


HE side table is made up of two elements in high and low forms that can be composed in various layouts. The main element is a round tray supported by L-leg that shows the beautiful texture and color of red wood. The tray with metal structure penetrates red wood leg and is made visible from the side. “HE” means combination in Chinese. The two forms of “HE” side table, and the two different materials are harmoniously combined together to create this elegant piece of furniture.
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