LAYER table


Layer 餐桌拥有长形方桌与圆桌两种形态,桌子的尺寸可依据空间不同需要定制。桌面采用玻璃与岩板两种材料。玻璃材质的桌面通透灵动,与腿部造型相互交融;岩板经久耐用且纹理多变,稳固的同时也为桌面提供了更多的变化可能。

The Layer dining table breaks through the symmetrical and regular characteristics of the traditional dining table, focusing on the unique look and feel brought by asymmetry.
The light and thin legs are also thicker and more stable due to specially-treated angle. The dining tables are stacked and combined, and through the construction and change of viewing angles, a completely different visual experience is presented.

The Layer dining table has two forms: rectangular square and round. The size can be customized according to the needs of different spaces. For the table top, two materials, glass and slate, were chosen. The glass tabletop guarantees the transparence and spirituality, which are harmonious with the shape of the legs. The slate is durable and its texture is changeable, which provides firmness and also more possibilities for the desktop to change.
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