STILL vase

STILL 花瓶共有5个款式,传递着5种观赏意境。
中部镂空的STILL 花瓶,露出了植物的茎。茎的线条与花瓶本身,勾勒出了新的美感。一侧圆弧的花瓶,则让植物依靠在圆弧侧,从不同的角度观赏,带来不同的观感;悬空细口的两个STILL 花瓶,只容纳一株细细植物,却与花器本身互动构成了错落、结构性的平衡;平放的STILL 花瓶我们特别设置了微妙的倾斜角度,让花束如平放于花器中,带来全然不同的观赏。

There are 5 styles of STILL vases, conveying 5 kinds of artistic conception.
Living plants and inanimate vases will complete the expression together.The hollowed-out STILL vase in the middle reveals the stem of the plant. Traditional vases often only make people admire the corolla, but in this flower vessel, the lines of the stem and the vase itself outline a new sense of beauty.A vase with an arc on one side allows plants to lean on the side. viewing from different angles, it brings different look and feel;The two hanging vases with narrow mouths only contain one thin plant, but they interact with the flower vessel itself to form a patchwork and structural balance;We specially set a subtle tilt angle for the flat STILL vase, so that the bouquet is placed flat in a flower vessel, bringing a completely different view.
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