X/Y shelf


The bookshelf is composed of metal rods and metal plates, and the basic structure X and Y and the hollow part in the middle form a linear sense. When viewed from a certain angle, the bookshelf seems to break the dimension, presenting an optical illusion of a two-dimensional plane in a three-dimensional space.The X/Y bookshelf is characterized by continuous and repetitive changes in the single structure to form a complex whole. Therefore, X/Y bookshelves have various applications in space.A single structure can form a side table. And the structure can be stacked vertically to form a "1" book shelf.When the structure extends, bookshelves of different heights and widths will be formed, which can also be used as screens or constitute flexible partitions.Those seem to be disorderly, but they are intertwined and connected logically, so that dimensions and forms are separated but interwoven as well.
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