DUTCH chair

DUTCH Chair荷兰椅包含了四把使用场景不同的椅子和沙发,它采用最基本的结构和材料,构成了一个毫不冗余的完整单体。在结构上,荷兰椅更加强调体块感,两个十字的块状交叉构成雕塑一般的形态。这不仅使荷兰椅整体的线条明确,同时在空间中拥有独特的力量感。我们选择的独特面料,为荷兰椅增加了更多观感的可能性。在不同角度下观看,其颜色随之生动变化,更加凸显荷兰椅的结构感和块面化特征。面料的正反两面也有着非常不一样的色彩呈现,我们将面料的反面应用于单品局部,色彩叠加和碰撞,增加了荷兰椅的层次感。

The DUTCH Chair contains four chairs and sofas for different usage scenarios. It uses the most basic structure and materials to form a complete unit. Different from insisting on details, we intend to reflect on the overall sense of design in this chair. The Dutch chair puts more emphasis on the volume and two crosses make the chair more statuesque. This direct combination makes the lines clear, and at the same time has a unique sense of strength in the space. The unique fabric we selected increases the visual possibility of the Dutch chair. Viewed from different angles, its color changes vividly, highlighting the structure and block features of the Dutch chair. The front and back of the fabric also have a variety of colors. We applied the reverse side to the part of the single product, which increased the layering of the Dutch chair.

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