Hug Chair
Kvadrat × Ximili Design / 2021

网络科技的发展,让人的交流超脱肉体逐渐精神化。然而,因为缺乏真实触碰、拥抱与交流,个体之间也将更加疏离。Hug Chair以座椅内部的重力感应金属结构,给坐上去的人一个大大的拥抱。这些看似荒谬的产品,理应无法从根源上缓解孤独。设计师希望,在2021当下的人们与这些产品互动时,能够触发对未来人与人关系的更深思考。

The development of network technology has gradually made people's communication beyond the physical body and gradually spiritualized. However, due to the lack of real touch, hug and communication, individuals will also become more alienated.  Hug Chair, with the usage of sensor inside the seat, will be capable of giving a real hug to the person sitting on it. These seemingly absurd products should not be able to relieve loneliness from the root cause. The designer hopes to arouse thinking and discussion about the relationship between people in the future, through their interactions with these products in 2021.
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