Cave Table
Kvadrat × Ximili Design / 2021


未来,当居家办公成为常态时,Cave table给有孩子的家庭提供了一个解决方案。当家长需要安静工作、而孩子需要玩耍时,Cave table中央的洞穴”提供了相对封闭的环境,使得家长能够集中精神工作;外围的圆弧设计,则可供孩子在其上玩耍、躺靠;与此同时,家长既能够轻易地探出头看护孩子,也可以与孩子保持相对独立自由的状态。

Cave Table

In the future, when home office becomes the norm, Cave table provides a solution for families with children. When parents need to work quietly while their children are playing, the "cavity" in the center of the Cave table provides a relatively closed environment, allowing parents to concentrate on work; the outer arc allows children to play and lie on it. At the same time, parents can easily stick their heads out to take care of their children, and a relatively independent and free state is also maintained between parents and children.
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