Wallpaper* Design Awards 2021 Trophy
Ximi Li Design/ 2021

2021年,Wallpaper中国以“卷宗Wallpaper*设计大奖”之名,评选创造了高度社会价值的设计。Ximi Li Design有幸受邀为“卷宗Wallpaper*设计大奖”创作奖杯。用简洁清晰的线条作为语言,通过直观的几何造型,传达设计理念。每一层色彩鲜明的玻璃,搭配利落的造型,体现整体感的同时兼备“互通相容”的态度表达。

In 2021, Ximi Li Design is honored to be invited to create a trophy for the "Wallpaper* Design Award". ximi uses simple and clear lines as a language to convey design concepts through intuitive geometric shapes. The brightly colored glass on each layer is matched with the neat shape, which not only reflects the overall sense, but also expresses the attitude of "intercommunication and compatibility".