LEMA - IN-BETWEEN - Ximi Li_02

LEMA × Ximi Li Design / 2022

桌腿错落的摆放方式,及桌腿之间形成的空间感是In-Between Table想要表达的。人的视线往往容易受有形物体的吸引而忽略其间的空间,这款餐桌尝试平衡这点,让观者感受到桌腿因错落摆放形成的物体之间的空间关系。

圆形餐桌桌面为大理石,搭配木制Lazy Susan,三条桌腿形成错落矩阵摆放,兼具稳定性与空间美感。

The irregular formation of table legs and by which the sense of space was created, is what In-Between Table attempts to convey. One's sight tends to be attracted by tangible objects and ignore the space in between. The table is conceived to invert such tendency, drawing people to observe and feel the spatial relationship between the objects, forming by staggered table legs.

The round table has a marble surface with optional wooden Lazy Susan. The base consists three legs positioned in a staggered formation, revealing its stability and beauty of extensity.